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Post cycle therapy after using Equipoise – Boldenone

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  • 2 minutes read
  • Mar 03, 2022
Post cycle therapy

Taking anabolic steroids for athletic purposes means that type of muscle mass. But there is also a reverse process – the rewind phenomenon. It is important to understand that this is a mandatory and unavoidable procedure that directly depends on your decisions and the proper functioning of the PCT.
PCT – (PCT) measures designed to rapidly restore natural testosterone (itself) synthesis (i.e. natural testicular function) after taking anabolic steroids (AS), minimizing the fact that recovery is and otherwise. possible side effects during and after using AS.
When the PCT is performed judiciously, it can almost completely avoid the recovery phenomenon and is able to maintain the mass obtained during the commissioning of the DU.

Recommendations for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after Boldenone

Recommendations for PCT

Tamoxifen is recommended during PCT after a course of Boldenone. The drug is started one week after stopping boldenone. One tablet of tamoxifen is prescribed daily for 30 days. Their reception helps to reduce estrogen levels, and also gives a positive tendency to the natural synthesis of testosterone. PCT after anabolic use significantly shortens recovery time. Creating your own hormones will help you maximize the results you get after Boldenone.

Like most AAS, balance has a very strong inhibitory effect on natural testosterone production. Since steady-state courses are very long (14-16 weeks), a responsible approach to dosage and post-treatment planning is required. HCGenerate ES and Clomid help maintain stable hormonal balance and avoid sexual problems.

Which drug is better for PCT: clomide or tamoxifen?

clomide or tamoxifen

Both drugs are associated with selective estrogen receptor modulators. Studies show that the effect of Clomid is concentrated in the pituitary gland and that amoxifen generally accumulates to the same extent in other tissues of the body.

Drug Comparison:

  • Clomid is several times more expensive than tamoxifen;
  • Clomid is worse than an anti-estrogen;
  • The two drugs differ in their effectiveness;
  • Tamoxifen helps lower blood cholesterol;
  • Tamoxifen is not used after the use of drugs such as nandrolones and trenbolones as it is able to increase progesterone receptors due to this there are unwanted side effects;
  • Tamoxifen is more toxic.

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